Corvida Raven Markese Bryant John Jordan
Essence magazine Top 25 Black Women Entrepreneurs and Power Players, featured on thegrio’s 100 and recognized by FastCompany as one of 50 Most Influential Women in Tech. Founder of and A Third Place™, Raven leverages relationships in tech – with corporations like GM, FastCompany, Intel, TED, all the way up to the White House – to impact the places and communities she comes from. Corvida is a force to be reckoned with demonstrating contagious passion for connecting people with technology.
Born and raised in East Oakland and Vallejo, CA. At the age of six, he lost his mother to drugs and his father to the prison system. In 2005, Markese nearly met the same fate, but instead found his way to the Oakland Mentor diversion program. A year later, he enrolled at Morehouse College and began organizing his campus and his community, around the merits of sustainability. He went on to found Fight for Light encouraging Historically Black Colleges to act as change agents for low-income communities.
Managing Partner in Fight for Light and a graduate of Morehouse College with BA in Business Finance and a minor in Leadership Studies and Economics. While at Morehouse, he was selected as a JP Morgan Chase Leadership Studies Scholar. After graduation, he served as an Oprah Winfrey South African Fellow assisting youth living with HIV/AIDS and supported several organizations working to increase access to education throughout townships surrounding Johannesburg and CapeTown.
Remix (SOI) is about the tradition of creating a way out of no way, discovering and uplifting the agency of communities who possess legacies of action and creativity, putting in place structure: A platform that moves need to invention, invention to innovation and possibility to reality, rapidly, convincingly, sustainably. We will change the conversation currently taking place around innovation. Moving it from; “looking for the next Silicon Valley” to “uncovering the hidden landscape of legacy innovations in underserved and disadvantaged communities.

Remix (SOI) is a name chosen to honor the bedrock principle (soul) in innovation; remix, as in “leverage existing.”

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